About CMAS

Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques

World Underwater Federation



The system of CMAS International Diver Certificates exists to allow divers who have been trained in accordance with the standards of CMAS to have their qualification recognized in countries throughout the world which are part of the CMAS family of divers.

CMAS International Diver Certificates can be obtained in two ways:

A diver who holds a diving qualification awarded by a National Federation which is a member of the CMAS Technical Committee, and whose qualifications have been recognized by the Technical Commit-tee, can obtain the CMAS International Diver Certificate which is recognized as equivalent to the national certificate held. In some countries the CMAS International Certificate will be awarded in place of a national certificate.

A diver who has been trained by a diving school or center which is recognized directly by CMAS will be awarded the CMAS International Diver Certificate appropriate to the standard reached.