The Brother Islands are a pair of two remote, tiny islands, 33 miles NN East from El Quseir.They represent not only one of the best dive sites in the Red Sea, they are also considered to be among the best in the world.The Brothers, in Arabic El Akawein, are the exposed tips of two massive reef pillars, rising from the depth.
Big Brother lies about half a mile north of Little Brother.The teaming breathtaking underwater scenery stands in extreme contrast to the bare rocks of the island.The journey to the islands takes 8 hours from the main land.Due to the far off shore and exposed location rough seas and strong winds are encountered at most times.Only well equipped safari boats with a special permission are allowed to visit the Brothers.Once you mastered the rough journey incredible diving is rewarding you.
Sheer vertical walls with absolute fantastic coral growth, soft corals, gorgonians, black corals and rich fish life are present everywhere.The variety of fish species is more than impressive. Large schools of pelagics, such as jacks and snappers, turtles, white-tip reef sharks, gray reef sharks and hammerheads cruise along the drop-offs.Two ship wrecks, the Aida and the so-called Railway Wreck rest on the slops of Big Brother.They are completely covered with soft corals and are full of life.
Divers visiting the Brother Islands should be experienced. Only during a short period of the year the sea is calm, otherwise high waves, strong winds and currents are prevailing.